A blurb written for a Rod Stewart / Faces tribute album:
Before launching his solo career, Rod Stewart was already an icon of the '70s as a member of both The Jeff Beck Group and, more famously, The Faces. He was an integral part of both of these bands which featured early members of Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Rolling Stones to name but a few. Men wanted to BE him and women wanted to be WITH him. He defined 'sandpaper elegance' with his good looks, stylish clothes and his signature limestone-throated crooning. Like the charred Oak from a well-aged whiskey barrel, Rod Stewart's voice is much the same; ashen flaked and rough on the surface but smooth and sultry within it's depths. And wether you are a fan of the grit-defined sounds of early Faces tracks like "Ooh La La" or a connoisseur of the more refined and elegant Rod, as witnessed in such songs as "Maggie May", you will undoubtably find this a treasure in your Rod Stewart catalog. - Ron Sievers

A blurb written for an Oasis tribute album:
Bentley's, Cocaine, Booze, Burberry & Women. Ambitious sibling rivalry and hooliganism fueled by cocaine induced lyrics, no shows, public fights and a hedonistic lifestyle are what Oasis is all about. They are still standing on the shoulders of giants whilst marketing, manipulating and seering the masses around the globe with their unique style of rock n roll.
Always dealing with their chauvinistic tendencies and difficult to handle attitudes, they are a publicists worst nightmare. Not to mention the tole taken on managers, promoters and presidents. They are the embodiment of what rock n roll used to be. Oasis - Decadence & Vanity. - Ron Sievers